Marketing Your Wedding Venue Series by VenueApp : Mobile

Five Things You Can Do to Stand Out and Be More Attractive to Mobile MillennialsMobile is quickly replacing the laptop/desktop experience. More and more people use their smart- phones to interact with the web. 83% of current wedding clients are millennials between the ages of 21 and 36. These young people are your potential clients, and they increasingly rely on mobile devices rather than computers to consume digital media.

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Marketing Your Wedding Venue Series by VenueApp : Pinterest

Five Things You Can Do Today to Reach Brides-to-Be with PinterestOur marketing series has offered suggestions on how Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, PageRank, AdWords, and Facebook can help you bring new interest to your venue. We understand that managing these platforms can seem daunting, so when we recommend yet another platform, we want to stress how important Pinterest could be to improving your marketing strategy.

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Native Apps Generate Coveted Organic Traffic

In the world of web marketing, organic traffic is gold. Organic traffic is the most engaged traffic – it’s when users intentionally go to your site because they like the content and they want to see what you have to offer. The problem, as blogger Adam Nash recently pointed out, is no one knows how to increase organic traffic in any measurable way.

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The Importance Of Marketing To Millennials

There are now more Millennials than Baby Boomers in the U.S. and understanding the unique proclivities of this population is critical for a successful marketing campaign. According to Forbes, there are an estimated 80 million U.S. Millennials -- or people between the ages of 16 and 34 years old. They outnumber the second-largest generation, the Baby Boomers, by one million.

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Getting your Brand Noticed in Apples App Store

Apple is notoriously tight-lipped about how its search algorithm works in its app store, but developers are already seeing that the company’s February acquisition of the search and discovery platform Chomp seems to have changed some of the rules, as expected.

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Own The Direct Relationship With Your Customer

Fast Company recently published an interesting article about app marketing opportunities written by Aaron Shapiro, CEO of the digital marketing firm Huge. Shapiro outlines the biggest mistakes that companies make with app marketing and then gets into the strategies that he says work. Shapiro seconds what we at Tide Creative know to be true – that app marketing can allow for a unique direct relationship with the consumer. But for the app to be a successful brand builder it’s got to have useful functionality. Shapiro suggests the “app bubble” is engulfing us, with the iTunes App Store receiving 26,000 applications every month from January to July 2012. That’s an astoundingly large pool, and Shapiro says many companies are wasting time and money developing apps that won’t do their brands any real favors. “Most marketers are making the same mistakes in mobile that they’ve made on the Web for years,” he writes, “expecting consumers to dedicate time and attention to their brand messaging without providing any valuable service or fulfilling any consumer need.”

The key to making your app a brand builder is to consider it not as an awareness tool but as a new product. Tying your app to social media or another advertising campaign will help push the product beyond your core fan base. Shapiro cites Coca Cola’s “Chok” campaign in Hong Kong as a good example of this – whenever a certain television ad for Coca-Cola was aired on TV, mobile users could open the related app and point it at the screen to collect virtual bottle caps that would put them in the running for prizes. “The app added actual physical interactivity, gamification mechanics, and a novel form of entertainment that was much more engaging than regular old TV advertising,” Shapiro writes.

At Tide Creative, we also make use of Shapiro’s other strategy -- mobile as service enhancement. Our products allow guests to upload photos of events to their social media sites, book vendors and conduct other planning, and interact with the venue director directly.

However you make your app valuable, remember that you own this vehicle for communicating with the client or ambassador. You own it by facilitating unique ways for your clients to interact with your brand and share it with friends.

Your Customers Want To Hear From You

More proof that consumers want to interact with you and your brand online. According to a 2010 New Media Study conducted by Cone Communications: 86% of consumers choose to interact with companies and brands online (up 48% from 2008) 61% feel a stronger connection with a brand if they can interact with it in a new media environment 59% are more likely to purchase a company’s or a brand’s products and services if they can interact with them in a new media environment

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