Most CMOs Still Stumped By Mobile Marketing

But recently we were reminded of how important an early app-based marketing strategy can be. Why? Because most companies are still confounded by how to best use mobile marketing. Results of a survey of CMOS published in B2B Magazine found that most chief marketing officers are still hard at work crafting their mobile marketing strategies – 54% of survey respondents are trying to figure out how to best access mobile customers, another 30% said they either have no mobile offering or are not sure, and only 16% have a formal mobile marketing strategy that’s fully operational.

The survey also found that only 14% of CMOs surveyed have a mobile marketing strategy that they believe works.

What’s this mean? It means that companies that launch user-friendly mobile applications now, while everyone else is sitting around scratching their heads, have an opportunity to gain long-lasting market share and brand recognition.

These CMOs have found that creating a mobile marketing strategy from scratch is long, hard work, without any guarantee you’ll feel it’s successful once it’s launched. Perhaps that’s why we hear from clients that platform based apps like VenueApp – with a tested, user-friendly platform that is easily customizable – are such an appealing, ready-made solution.