Native Apps Generate Coveted Organic Traffic

In the world of web marketing, organic traffic is gold. Organic traffic is the most engaged traffic – it’s when users intentionally go to your site because they like the content and they want to see what you have to offer. The problem, as blogger Adam Nash recently pointed out, is no one knows how to increase organic traffic in any measurable way. That is, before native apps. The popularity of native apps has outpaced web apps by 100 to 1 – according to Global Intelligence Alliance’s Lie Luo, there are about 400,000 native apps provided by various vendors and storefronts and only about 4,880 web apps in the iTunes App Store – and that’s great news for marketers looking to increase organic traffic. Native apps create that organic traffic by engaging curious consumers with your brand the same way they would engage with a favorite website. According to Nash, “It’s not completely apples-to-apples, but from a metrics standpoint, the usage you get when someone taps your application icon behaves like organic traffic.”