VenueApp: Summary

VenueApp is a mobile sales tool that enables wedding venues to market to engaged couples in the most powerful and personal way possible– directly on their mobile phones. We design and build your venue a custom mobile application to help introduce potential clients to your brand and property.      • Stand out among the crowd of other venues.      • Provide the best available sales experience to your target customers.      • Showcase full screen images and videos of your property in the app.      • Convert mobile visits to your website into inbound sales leads.      • Be discovered in the App Store.      • Establish a permanent presence on the mobile phones of engaged couples.

How it works:

VenueApp Discovery

1. Engaged couples discover and download your VenueApp when they see the logo on your website and on your printed marketing 2 material. It will also be easy to find when they search for wedding apps in the App Store.

VenueApp Homepages

2. Homepages introduce a couple to beautiful high-resolution images of your venue that stretch across the entire device screen.

VenueApp Idea Pages

3. Idea Pages showcase 7-10 differentiating elements of your venue.

VenueApp E-Postcards

4. Branded photo frames enable the couple to share venue-branded photos of themselves at your venue with friends across social media networks.

VenueApp Vendor Listings

5. Vendor Listings allow the couple to browse your venue's recommended vendors by category.

VenueApp Social Media

6. The social media page allows couples to browse your venue’s latest blog posts or Facebook updates without leaving your app.

7.  Your app comes with an extensive administrative interface that allows you to capture the email addresses of potential clients, send push notifications to couples who download your app and edit text, images, videos and other features in your app.

Check out some clients apps:

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Visit to watch our fun 1-minute animated demo about how VenueApp works. Contact Johann for more information at or (207) 200-8435.

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