VenueApp: Frequently Asked Questions

  Do I need a native app if I have a responsive website or mobile site?

Every website should be responsive or have a mobile version. A VenueApp app doesn’t replace the utility of your website, is is a differentiating sales and engagement tool. A completely unique app is the best way to market your venue to and engage potential clients.

Would my VenueApp also be available in the Android app store?

No. We only build for Apple devices. The cost benefit of also building your VenueApp for Android isn’t worth it.

The vast majority of your venue’s mobile web traffic is likely via Apple devices. Check Google Analytics to confirm the exact numbers.

Apple device owners have higher incomes and more disposable income than any other device user group. They’ll spend more money at your venue.

While Apple devices make up half of the US smartphone market, Apple users are responsible for more than 75% on mobile commerce.

When we design an Apple app we only have to design for three different screen size ratios, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPad. (Both iPad sizes are the same ratio.) Our apps will look perfect on Apple devices because we design for each of the three screen size ratios. There are countless devices of varying screen size ratios that operate on Android.

Apple is the most valuable and trusted electronics brand on the planet. Apple users trust that they will receive a better mobile experience on an app than on a website.

We love Apple products, and we’re good at designing and building apps or them!

How much does a VenueApp cost?

$4,000 for custom design and development. $50/month thereafter. The custom design and development process ensures that every bit of the design for your VenueApp is accurate to your venue’s brand. The monthly service fee supports the hosting and technical maintenance of your app. The Tide Creative team is continually evolving the VenueApp platform based on user and client feedback. Your app is automatically updated with new features and bug fixes as we improve the functionality of the VenueApp platform.

But I want an app do do something else. Can you help?

Yes. The VenueApp platform is flexible and can be leveraged uniquely to meet the specific marketing needs of your venue. We also have the ability to design and develop new features for the platform. Email or call us to find out what we can do for you!

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