Does Every Wedding Venue Need an App?

Wedding apps are a relatively new concept, so when we’re out talking to prospective clients about VenueApp we’re often asked – does every wedding venue need an app? Need is a relative term when it comes to the highly competitive wedding sector. A wedding venue can survive, sure, without an app, but those that do have an app enjoy a bankable advantage over those that are still figuring out their mobile strategy. As our lives get more and more digital, mobile apps will continue to facilitate social interaction in every way. And what event is more central to our social lives than a wedding? Apps are the future of wedding planning and social interaction before, during, and after the big event. So we like that we’re the on the forefront of this technology, because we know that every client we work with is adopting a forward-thinking product that will put them ahead of their competition.

It just makes sense – trade the old brochures and static websites for a sleek custom app that links all of your marketing efforts and content creation on a mobile phone carried in the pockets of your clients and their guests everywhere, all the time. Your clients can interact with your venue in an easy, fun, and timely way. Add our mobile app’s logo-branded frame and suddenly you have a marketing tool that spreads the word about your venue on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Now that’s a model for success, for today and into the future.