Your Customers Want To Hear From You

More proof that consumers want to interact with you and your brand online. According to a 2010 New Media Study conducted by Cone Communications:

  • 86% of consumers choose to interact with companies and brands online (up 48% from 2008)
  • 61% feel a stronger connection with a brand if they can interact with it in a new media environment
  • 59% are more likely to purchase a company’s or a brand’s products and services if they can interact with them in a new media environment
  • Social media is not only an economical way to reach, engage, and track your current and potential customers, it’s also extremely important to any business today. But before you get started, have a plan for what you want to achieve by listening to and engaging your customers online.

The evidence is undeniable that a social media presence is critical to successful brand building, and companies with a plan for interaction can really reap the benefits.