VenueApp: How to Market Your VenueApp

Marketing Checklist

Your VenueApp is as powerful a marketing tool as you want it to be. Follow the easy steps below to maximize your app’s exposure. Inviting potential clients to view your app and encouraging them to download your app will boost your venue’s attention and help drive sales and engagement. Your iTunes App Store link takes people to your app’s unique iTunes page. It can be accessed by computer iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


Email Signatures - Add a “Download our App” link in your email signature and hyperlink the Apple Store link above.

Press Release - Email a press release to local media contacts about your venue’s new app. You’re probably the first wedding venue in town to have an app!

Staff - Email the App Store link to your staff. Ask them to download the app, try it out and submit a positive review.

Friends and Family - Email the App Store link to your friends and family. Ask them to download the app, try it out and submit a positive review.

Vendors - Email the App Store link to your venue’s recommended vendors. Let the vendors know their businesses are featured in the app. Ask them to download the app, try it out and submit a positive review.

Clients - Email the App Store link to couples who have booked your venue for an upcoming wedding. Ask them to share the App Store link with their guests because your VenueApp is a great resource for their guests to learn more about your venue and its surroundings.

Leads - Email the App Store link to couples who are considering your venue for an upcoming wedding. Your email might just encourage them to book!

Social Media

Social Media Updates - Post your App Store link to your venue’s Facebook page, Twitter account and Pinterest account. Encourage friends to download your app.

Blog Post - Write a blog post about your app. Incorporate your App Store icon and some screenshots from your app. Link all the images to your App Store link. Refer to the VenueApp Summary PDF for talking points about your app.

Newsletter - Send a newsletter announcement about your app. The content should be similar to the content on your blog post.


Smart App Banner - Implement this banner on your website. It is the best way to get iPhone visitors to download your VenueApp. Read here for more info about implementing a Smart App Banner.

App Store Button - Ask your site manager to put an “Available in the App Store” button on your website. The button looks in the header of your site pages next to your social media buttons.

Onsite Promotion

Signage - Post a modest printed notice about your app’s availability in the App Store near key entrance and/or reception points of your venue. Use the exact title of your app and App Store icon so people can easily locate your app in the App Store. Also consider using a QR code or language to encourage people to search a specific phrase in the App Store that results with your app (ie: ACME Vineyard Wedding Napa).

In-Person - Consider your app a value added feature of your venue. Encourage guests of your venue to download the app wherever and whenever you provide information about your venue.

Print Advertising

Magazine Ads - If you buy print advertising in national or regional wedding magazines, consider including the App Store button in the corner of the ad. This will distinguish you ad and encourage people to search for your venue in the App Store. Ask us if you’d like an example!

Brochures - When brochures are re-printed for your venue, include an Available in the App Store button with the exact name of your app.


Not surprisingly, Apple has specific guidelines about how the company’s logos and devices are allowed to be visually represented in digital and print marketing materials related to your app. Everything you need to know– do’s, don’ts and helpful examples– is outlined in the App Store Marketing and Advertising Guidelines for Developers PDF:

App Store Images

Use these links to download image files of the App Store buttons. Use whichever button your prefer on your venue’s marketing collateral to drive people to your app’s download page. PNG files are for use on your website and other digital purposes. EPS files are for use on print material


PNG file for digital media EPS file or print media


PNG file for digital media EPS file or print media

Click here to download the VenueApp Marketing Checklist PDF.