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On the southern border of my state, just over the Piscataqua River Bridge, a large sign greets visitors: “Welcome to Maine: The way life should be.”

The way life should be. It’s Maine’s slogan and it’s also why we’re such a beloved wedding destination. Maine makes the nearby feel exotic – though we’re just a short trip from Boston, New York and other major cities, Maine feels worlds away from those hectic lifestyles thanks to the beauty of our landscape, the slower pace of our day and the affordability of our vendors.

There are about 9,000 weddings each year in Maine. Mainers are known for their creativity and independence and the state welcomes a diverse spectrum of wedding celebrations, from classic and elegant, to natural and rustic. Whether a lavish affair or a simple gathering, any kind of wedding feels right in the state nicknamed “Vacationland.”

Brides who love nature are drawn to Maine’s stunning, pristine landscape which includes 3,200 miles of coastline, hundreds of lakes and ponds and peaks which rival any in the region. The natural splendor creates endless opportunity to ski, hike, kayak and sail, among other adventures. Complementing the beauty is a quaint local culture anchored in tradition – communities are often small, close-knit and centered around marine and forest industries. But, old-fashioned doesn’t mean backwards. Take, for instance, the local, sustainable foodie scene which includes chefs like Sam Hayward and Rob Evans, recognized by the James Beard Foundation as among the most innovative in the region. Still not convinced? How about this: Maine has great bang-for-your-buck. Prices for wedding vendors, food and venues tend to be much more affordable here than in places like New York City and Cape Cod. The way life should be, indeed.

Hidden away as we are in the most northeastern point of the country, we have preserved the simple virtues of devotion to community and family, honest work ethic and dogged respect for the environment. Weddings here are built upon this foundation– the pillars, arguably, of lifelong romance – and guests and wedding parties often return home from "Vacationland" feeling centered and rejuvenated.

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