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Five Things You Can Do Today to Market to Newly Engaged Couples on Facebook.

Our marketing series has touched on Search Engine Optimization, PageRank, and AdWords, which are all dominated by Google. Today, we turn our attention to Facebook.

1. Start Your Own Business Page: This is the most basic place to start. Like anything else in business, your Facebook business page will take time to gain traction or, in this case, Facebook “likes”. As you build your page, make sure to use a unique cover photo and your logo.

2. Be Social: You’re entering the realm of social media, which means you have to be social! As you post and highlight unique features of your property, you will want to make sure to respond to any user activity on those posts and to any private messages that your followers might send. Being social also includes liking and commenting on others’ pages, including the pages of your recommended vendors, relevant regional magazines, and online directories you might be part of. (Tip: If your business allies are not on social media, you might want to move your money.)

3. Content: Pull content from your blog into your news feed for your business and share updates, questions, photos, links, and other content on your page regularly. Posting on a regular basis will mean your stories are much more likely to be pulled into your fans’ feeds.

4. Advertising: There has been much ado about Facebook as an advertising platform, and for wedding venues there are some exciting possibilities. After all, never before have venues been able to market to couples according to a “status” -- in this case when they change their Facebook status to “engaged”! Mashable recently teamed with The Knot on a 2012 Social Wedding Survey that found 1 in 10 couples update their relationship status within minutes of getting engaged and 1 in 4 by the next day. This is in addition to other information that Facebook pulls into its advertising platform, making it a no-brainer that wedding venues should spend marketing dollars here. For instance, you can focus your ad on couples that live regionally in your market, went to a specific school, have a certain level of education, are a particular age, and more. In this way, you can create an ad, set a daily ad budget, and market your property to a very targeted segment of the 4,073,200 people in the country that are on Face- book and say that they are engaged.

5. Facebook Logo: Finally, place the Facebook logo on your website to drive users to your Facebook business page, where hopefully they will “like” it. As your likes grow on your page, you can even show- case that number on your site or blog to build trust with your visitors.

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