Brand Apps Are The Marketing Interface Of The Future

Forbes staffer Bruce Upbin recently wrote that brand apps are the marketing interface of the future. That’s not news to us, but what caught our attention was the magazine’s take on how business leaders and marketers should be aware of exactly what apps offer companies above and beyond the traditional brochure. Here’s a run-down:

  • The traceable user interface inherent to apps makes calculating their ROI much easier than the complicated task of trying to pin it down in new or traditional media. “Brand immersive apps,” Upbin writes, “will make new media reporting look archaic.”
  • Apps allow for instant interaction with the consumer, eliminating issues with message timing and discontinuity in the brand experience.
  • The medium is not the brand. Forbes seconds what we here at Tide know -- that brand immersive applications are an extension of the brand itself and a new vehicle for engaging with relevant content.

It’s great to see another insider echoing what we stand for – that the brand app is integral to all aspects of a savvy company’s enterprise.