Survey: Majority of young couples use wedding apps, will use them even more in 2013

Since we always pay close attention to trends involving Millenials, we were pleasantly surprised that Mashable took notice and teamed up with The Knot to give us all a great look at the digital habits of engaged couples. While their study doesn't exactly claim to focus on Millenials, it essentially does, since we know that 87% of engaged couples are between the ages of 18-35. What's great for Tide Creative and our mission to change the way people experience weddings is that this survey found that 61% of couples are downloading wedding planning apps. We have a couple of apps coming out shortly that will address this market specifically.

Our Prepare to Wed app allows couples to budget, schedule to-dos, get expert advice, and find recommended vendors directly on their iOS devices.

And because we know that not all weddings are destined to have a band or DJ, we’re developing WeddingDJApp. Through a beautiful and intuitive interface, WeddingDJApp allows your guests to choose the songs being played at the reception – with veto power from the couple, of course -- ensuring a great experience for everyone.     Finally, iSPYLove will make your wedding the social event of the year for your friends and family. iSPYLove allows you and your guests to communicate and share images before, during, and after your big event. Couples can mark favorite photos and even create a contest to see who took the best image.

So this Mashable survey proves what we’ve known for a while – that social, fun apps are the wedding wave of the future. We’re excited to have a slew of great products coming out to take advantage of that mobile trend.