Storytelling Through Community Collaboration

Brands are always looking for ways to connect with their clients and, in today's fast-paced world, online collaborative platforms may be the best way to do that. Tide Creative is developing apps to enable brands to allow their most ardent customers to share their story with the world. This storytelling can come in many forms, but mobile devices have helped make image-based storytelling the norm.

Our apps brand cell phone photos with a visually appealing border. The photos are  easily sent via email, displayed on a branded webpage, or uploaded to Facebook, where they can be shared and re-shared in social networks. It’s the mobile millenium’s version of market reach.

Similarly, imagine going to a wedding and downloading a free app that allows you and the other guests to vote for the songs you want to hear most at the reception. Say hello to WeddingDJ, another of our products in the works.

Already, we’ve seen how VenueApp can facilitate fun, visual storytelling among wedding guests as they share photos with one another and online. Subtly but consistently branding this kind of social interaction can be one of the best ways for a company to get the word out with clients and friends of clients.