Native Apps Keep Curious Consumers Happy

When it comes to mobile branding, the primary purpose of your mobile app is to be useful. A close second is for it to be easy on the eyes – sleek, uncluttered, intuitive. Native apps, since they are built for the mobile device, tend to have the edge on web apps in this last regard, which may be why they’re vastly more popular than their web brothers according to some metrics. After all, the biggest loss of consumers in the mobile access circle of life is when they log onto a site and it’s warped on their mobile device. As Gal Brill, CEO of UpSite, recently blogged, we’re witnessing the following web marketing evolution: Search or social networks -> Web app -> native app -> revisiting content through information pushing

Native apps can do a great job at keeping consumers engaged and happy because they’re built specifically for the mobile device they’re accessed on.

In social media, functional and sleek are especially critical. Users don’t want to fuss with technical stuff, they want to spend their time interacting with other users. Here, again, native apps have the edge. As Brill writes: “…it’s vital for the content creators to take back the reins and give their mobile users, who are growing in numbers every day, the best consumption experience possible.”