Graphic Design Trends of 2015

1. Fonts

With so many options for free fonts out there (, Google fonts, etc.), the use of non-traditional fonts is seriously on the rise. Custom fonts help distinguish one floral designer from another, and can help create a truly unique brand.

2. Illustrations

While you wouldn't dream of using a stock image to represent your own work, you might consider a cute illustration depicting your work somewhere on your site. Illustrations are quickly replacing stock images because they are unique, difficult to duplicate, and do not come with copyright issues.

3. Grid Layout

Something we've been using on websites for a while, and was probably originally made popular by Pinterest, is the grid layout. We like to use it for blogs and galleries alike in our designs. See, for example:

4. Flat Design

This minimalist design focuses on usability (as opposed to it's counterpart skeuomorphism or 3D design). It is simple, clean, colorful, modern and of course, trendy. What's even better than flat design? Semi-flat design, which combines flat elements with real world enhancements.

5. Video Background

We've all seen a home page with a massive (and beautiful!) graphic, but how about a video that plays automatically when the user visits, drawing them further and further into the depths of your business? Check out French's Point's website for an example that has not one, but two home page background videos!