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Being a solopreneur or a small business owner is a dream come true for many people. You’re making your passion for your own company come to life and that is amazing! It’s also not an easy job. Not only are you the President and CEO, you have to be the Sales and Marketing departments too. As marketing consultants working exclusively with wedding businesses, we know how overwhelming that can be. There is so much potential and so much you could do to grow your business. The difficult part is figuring out the best place to start and the best strategy to get your business to the top of the game. We hear the same question over and over from our clients and friends in the industry:

“What kind of marketing do I really need to do? Where do I start?”

They are overwhelmed with articles and "expert" advice on the Internet telling them that they have to have a weekly blog, a newsletter, a comprehensive social media presence, online advertising, SEO and the perfect up-to-date website.

And we agree!

All of those strategies will help you grow your business. But what is the goal? What is the point of having all of those things? Some businesses try to reach potential clients one couple at a time. But we know there is a better way.

There is a simple strategy that will save you time and money and help you focus your marketing strategies on one single goal so your business grows, not just for this wedding season, but for decades to come. 


Tide Creative Review

“Once we launched the new brand it was a HUGE difference, we booked 5 weddings and 3 events in the first couple months of re-launching!!! That was huge for us!”
Cristen of Cristen & Co.